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Electrical Tariffs:

If you belive you are paying too much for electricity and may be on the wrong tariff system, we will do a recording at your site and investigate the best alternative for your power needs. Our goal is to ensure that you are getting the maximum saving possible on your electrical account. We offer a range of Power Factor Correction Equipment to monitor and lower your electricity consumption.

Buying Electricity in Bulk?

We survey the building's electricity for building-owners who buy electricity in bulk and resell it to their tenants. On a monthly basis, we will check the metering and bill your tenants.


This innovation allows you to control the lighting, geysers, air-cons, irrigation, automatic gates / garage doors and many other items in your factory, store or home from a single key-ring remote control or your cell phone!


The original Capamek cc was founded in 1976 by Mr. Viv Stevens and later sold to the Magnet Group of Companies. Today, we are back as Capamek MDC, offering qualified knowledge on Electricity Tariff structures in every industry around South Africa.

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